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Dinesh Goburdhun 
Executive Creative Director at R/GA

"Peter is a talented writer, an enthusiastic team member and a true collaborator. His range is wide and he comes to the table with many more options than you'd ever expect. If there's a problem on a project that can be solved with copy, he'll do it. He's a pleasure to work with and I never hesitate to bring him into a project."

John Carstens
Executive Creative Director at SapientNitro

"Peter is a versatile, indefatigable, relentlessly positive thinker and doer. The tougher thins got, the happier he seemed to be—a curious quality, but man, it sure eased the pain sometimes. He can handle everything from a giant brand positioning ideas to website articles on arcane subjects. Taller than me, though. Don't much care for that."

Otis D. Gibson
Founder, Chief Creative Officer at GERTRUDE

"Peter’s core responsibilities included copywriting for all forms of media (TV, print, outdoor, digital, social media, event, promotion, etc.), press releases, brand strategy and agency decks. Additionally, Peter supported agency new business development, management of GERTRUDE brand communications, and creative talent recruiting.

Throughout his employment, Peter consistently showed a high level of dedication coupled with a willingness to step up to any new opportunity, an ability to work and think strategically while managing details, embrace change, and formulate new ideas. Additionally, Peter is a person of excellent character and professional maturity, always trustworthy and ethical, a good listener, and a very genuine person with a great sense of humor and exquisite taste in music."

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